Web Development

Web development is a process in which actually a website is developed. It is also known as web programming. It is not so hard to learn web programming. A lot of people want to learn this to make their carrier or to just learn coding. It ranges from simple text pages to complex web applications like social networking site, business application etc. Web developers are using several programming languages to create web applications which run in the browser.Web development classified into two terms:

  • Front end (Client side)
  • Back end (server side)

Front end means when a user visits your website, how to interact it with content quality and designing. This can be done by using these three:

HTML (Hypertext markup language): Backbone of a web application.

CSS(cascading style sheet): Set appearance of a  web page.

Javascript: Add functionality to a web page.

Back end means what is happening behind the web page means how did the page redirect to another page? These entirethings happen on back end.A developer used different coding language like Java, PHp, .net.

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  • A website should be error free.
  • Attractive and professional
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accurate

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